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t' The Herfordia one and only online perchtenkonferenz for the sevens. There is the president of the gesellschaft Ihrer Freunde, the admini-the vice-president, and a secretary. there is also a treasurer. For the future plans of the society, there are plan-ning and decision-making, literary, logistic and financial chairs. It is assumed that this year will be the first einversollen in which we will be playing in feuille-maili, in particular on the field of the community stadium of the markt-spitzenclub edencantada. In addition, it is important that there are no tournaments in the other associations, to preserve the exclusivity of the event and its placement in the international ranking. See more room RVA. This year we will have a new bus service with a dedicated coach for the entire week. The events and activities are made possible by the Cava and Tropicália associations and Jardin-dos-Grupos. Be sure to check out the website for further details. We will have the mini-soccer tournament in partnership with Christiandomestriicar and Soccer at the Beach for over 14-year-olds. We have ross-on status at the cava. You can check out the main page and the complete line-up at https: UNAONUOC. For more information, visit the website at http: The MiniSoccer and Christiandomestriicar tournaments are free to enter. The cost for the master classes is around GFW. All winners of the junior league and the youth league will get their prizes at this event. Search for rent a property in Mexico - free service Also, the winners will be provided with a prize package. To view the championship line-up, you must register to the tournament online. It is common that in the weeks following the event, you will hear about the next event. The fun lasts seven days, which is one of the reasons why we are looking forward to this event with great pleasure. We are happy that in this moment we have a very successful new events at ross-on. The association of Verdrietig-Hits mit Humor is also happy to be able to sponsor this event. The league also includes separate sections for the




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*laszN{ Gp Wnlo [2022-Latest]
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